Div's Cats

Apparently, there's a law which says that anyone who puts up a web site must include pictures of his cats, even if no visitor is ever interested in seeing them. As such, here are my babies. Aren't they cute?!


Melody is a sweet little girl I found hiding behind the drier in the laundry room of my old apartment. She's harness trained, and loves to travel, even after having been in a serious car accident with me. She's also very musical, and likes to play "Kitten on the Keys" on the synthesizer.


Piccolo is a kittenish little guy who's very playful - when he's not hiding from his own shadow! I adopted him as a semi-feral (undomesticated) baby from the Buddy Dog Humane Society where I've volunteered for many years. I often introduce him as "the lump", as that's all you can see of him in his favorite spot under the bedcovers.


Symphony came to me as a young, pregnant mother, little more than a kitten herself. She was only supposed to stay for temporary foster care, but she's such a love, and gets along so well with Mel and Pickle that I decided to keep her after the kittens found homes.

Ben and Jerry

Because of a lingering illness (now cleared up), my foster babies Ben and Jerry weren't able to be adopted at the shelter, so they settled in with me as permanent residents. They're very playful sillies!

Foster Kittens

I've fostered a bunch of litters of kittens for the shelter until they were old enough to be adopted. It can be a lot of work (kittens are pretty messy, and until weaned require round-the-clock feeding), but they're extremely cute.

August, 2016: Danny Boy, Lillibulero, Skellamesago, Planxty, Coleraine, and Figary

These friendly little guys arrived at the shelter without their mother. I named them after traditional folk songs and dances from the British isles, and played all of their songs for them. Danny and Planxty went home with my neighbors, so I get to see them all the time from my window.

May, 2016: Pia, Ben, and Jerry

Pia stayed at my house quite a while before finally deciding to give birth... I was nearly sure she wasn't actually pregnant at all. I called the babies Yin and Yang for obvious reasons, but we decided to hold a naming contest at the shelter, and the winner came up with an even sweeter pair of names for them.

October, 2015: Fettuccini, Gnocchi, Farfalle, Linguini, Rigatoni

Look at these silly little noodles! Gnocchi and Linguini got to go home with a friend of mine.

June, 2015: Perdita, Imogen, Ophelia, Cordelia, Octavia, Portia, Hermia, Oberon, Banquo, Puck

We had a double litter come into the shelter... two mothers who were in turn sisters, and their intermingled babies. Fortunately my sister was here to help me with them, since this was more cats than I'd ever had at once in the house before. The naming theme, of course, is Shakespeare.

February, 2015: Audrey Hepburn, Cary Grant, Rock Hudson, and James Dean

My sister and I named Audrey and her kittens after classic movie stars. She always calls them by their full names. Sadly, Audrey was terribly sick when it was time for her to give birth, and the other three babies didn't pull through despite the vet and my best efforts at midwifery and emergency infant care.

February, 2015: Franklin, Edison, and Faraday

My sister helped me raise these little guys, all named after electrical inventors (shocking!). Sadly, this was a really tough year for kittens... little Tesla was born with a heart defect, and didn't pull through.

July, 2014: Uke, Zouk, Banjo, and Kazoo

These little guys were ready to form a band. Actually, Zook and Kazoo went home together with friends from my real band, and now they're living in Ireland.

June, 2014: Diesel

Diesel was rescued from inside a truck engine... not a good place for a kitten to be! Fortunately he was only scared, not hurt.

April, 2014: Macy, Portobello, Chanterelle, Enoki, Champignon, and Truffle

Macy's kittens are all named after mushrooms. Chanterelle and Truffle respectively went home with friends of mine.

August, 2013: Emmy, Ron, Fred, George, Percy, and Ginny

Since Emmy gave birth to a larger than normal number of ginger kittens, we decided to name them after the red-headed Weasley family from the Harry Potter books.

May, 2013: Nala, Migi, Hidari, Teppen, Soko, Naka, and Chaplin

I named Nala's five kittens after the words for directions in Japanese - right, left, top, bottom, and center. Chaplin, complete with Little Tramp moustache, came into the shelter on his own. Fortunately, Nala welcomed him into the litter even though he was a few weeks older than her own babies.

December, 2012: Carly

Carly stayed with me over Christmas while she was recovering from an injury which cost her an eye. It didn't slow her down, however, and she had a great time playing with Mel.

October, 2012: Stella, Aura, Calliope, Zephyr, Nimbus

We gave Stella's kittens nature names from classical mythology.

September, 2012: Darjeeling, Earl, Lapsang, and Sencha

We named Darjeeling and her babies after different types of tea.

June, 2012: Chloe, Gelato, and Tiramisu

Most kittens are sweet, but we named this pair after desserts! Chloe gave birth to them after a surprisingly long pregnancy, so she ended up overlapping her stay with Pangur, even though they didn't really interact.

June, 2012: Pangur Bán

Pangur Bán is the title character of a medieval Irish poem about a monk and his pet cat. I wrote music to go with the poem, and sang it to Pangur the kitten. She and Melody got along really well, as she tends to like kittens who look like miniature versions of herself.

May, 2012: Charlotte, Topper, Fez, Trilby, and Tam

Charlotte's kittens are the cats in the hats.

April, 2012: Sofia, Samara, Minsk, Pinsk, Odessa, and Riga

We named Sofia and her kittens after Eastern European cities. The pairing of Minsk and Pinsk should be familiar if you're a Tom Lehrer fan.

February, 2012: Yeti and Acadia

Yeti the Himalayan and Acadia the Maine Coon were the first purebred-looking kittens to come my way, and they arrived at the same time.

January, 2012: Widdershins

Widders was a playful little singleton. His name is an archaic word for "counterclockwise".

November, 2011: Spooky, Candy, Spirit, and Boo

These little ones arrived at the shelter on Halloween. You never would have guessed that from their names, right?

September, 2011: Cardamom, Tarragon, Caroway, Dill, Clove, Masala, Fennel, and Sage

Cardi gave birth to my biggest litter to date, and was the first mom to actually use the birthing box instead of making a mess of the house.

July, 2011: Miss Marple, Poirot, and Wimsey

Marple and Poirot were siblings who arrived at the shelter the same day as little Wimsey, who was on his own. They took to each other right away and lived with me for a month.

May, 2011: Red, Chianti, Pinot, and Manischewitz

With a mom called Red, I had to name the kittens after red wines. They were born in my bed... cute, but messy!

March, 2011: Kharma

Kharma, while very sweet, turned out to be a false alarm... she wasn't actually pregnant!

December, 2010: Penny Lane

Penny was already six weeks old when she came to the shelter so I didn't get to foster her for very long, but she was very sweet.

October, 2010: McGuffin

A workman found this little three week old when he heard mewing coming from inside a stone wall. Apparently Guff had fallen in and been abandoned by his mother. I nursed him back to health, and he rapidly grew into a rambunctious little mischief maker.

May, 2010: Dorothy, Scarecrow, and Dandelion

This sweet little trio came to me as four week olds. They hold the record as my messiest kittens to date, as they had a bad case of worms, but we got them all cleared up before they were ready to be adopted.

February, 2010: Gizelle, Gingko, Juniper, Teak, Willow, Hickory, and Sassafras

Zellie gave birth to this large litter at my house right around New Year's, which is very out of season. Before I came up with the theme of naming them after trees, I enumerated the kittens as A through F, based on how much of their fur was white. While she was nice to me, Zellie liked to pick fights with my guys, so I was glad when it was time for her to go back to the shelter. My dad decided to adopt little Willow, who now rules the roost at his house.

October, 2009: Casey, Radhika, Vijay, Geetha, and Shelby

Casey gave birth to her kittens at the shelter, and I brought them home the very next day. Just because I like the way they sound, I decided they should have mostly Indian names. Radhika and Geetha are the girls, Vijay and Shelby are the boys. My friend Anna decided to adopt little Radhika and renamed her Sparrow, so I've gotten to watch her grow up as well.

June, 2009: Rain, Troglodyte, Sigmund, Poem, Ril, and Froggy

Rain was the most attentive mother of all the litters I've fostered so far; she trained her babies so well, it was almost no work to take care of them. I was worried about little Froggy at first, since she was born with a hip displacement (hence the name; it looked like she was doing little frog kicks), but it didn't slow her down at all, and cleared up completely by the time she was ready to be adopted. My sister decided to adopt little Trog, so I'll get to watch him growing up.

April, 2009: Cecilia, Magellan, Luna, Nanook, and Emmett

Fostering kittens is a predominantly uplifting experience, but it can have its downsides too. This litter was unfortunately very sickly, and despite the best efforts of the shelter's vets, two of the little ones didn't make it. The remaining four ended up doing fine, as did their mother Cecilia, but I didn't get to know them as well as the other litters; all my time and attention was taken up by the medical care.

July, 2008: Allegro, Andante, Rondo, and Sarabande

These are Symphony's kittens, named after the movements of a symphony. Andante and Rondo are boys, Allegro and Sarabande are girls. I played midwife and raised them from birth, although Tsimi did a very good job with them so there wasn't that much work for me to do. Yes, I did figure out how to tell them apart.

April, 2008: Speck, Pete, and Rosalita

This little trio came to me as four-week-olds. Most of my pictures of these little mischief makers are nothing but blurs!

October, 2007: Sunrise and Autumn

The first litter I fostered came to me as four-week-olds. They're such a sweet pair of little sisters.

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