Div Slomin - Other Utilities


Here are a few utilities I've written which are too small to merit individual pages.

The Utilities


Utfcalc (UTF-8 calculator) converts between the UTF-8 and UCS-2 international character encodings. It uses hex-escaped byte sequences for input and output, so it doesn't require any fancy encoding support in your console or terminal window. It is written in the simplest possible C code, and will run on any platform.

console utilities

These convenience utilities work with the Windows console. Down lets you minimize the current console window without using the mouse. Scrollback sets the size of the scrollback buffer. They only work with cmd.exe (NT/2000/XP), not command.com (95/98/ME).


It takes a ridiculously long command line to get nmake, the traditional build utility which comes with Microsoft Visual C++, to use a makefile generated by the Visual Studio IDE. Nmakeg ("g" for "generated") automatically figures out the right arguments to use, and invokes nmake for you.


As with the majority of my software, these utilities are free and open source under the LGPL license. The packages include both source code and ready-to-run binaries.

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If you want to use utfcalc, the Unicode code charts will come in very handy.