A Cappella Arrangements by Div


I created most of these arrangements while I was in the a cappella group Shere Khan of Princeton University. Most of them are no longer in active use there, so I've decided to release them to the public; I much prefer the idea of my arrangements being used instead of just sitting in a folder somewhere. Use these however you want, no strings attached! If you'd like, send me an email to let me know about your chorus.


2004.12.02 - My arrangement of "Shalom Rav" was performed by the Broadway cast of "Mamma Mia" for the new holiday album "Broadway's Greatest Gifts: Carols for a Cure 2004". Check it out ... it's a neat album, and the proceeds are being used to fund AIDS research.

2003.08.30 - A chorus director in Brazil was kind enough to typeset "Shalom Rav" for me, so now you can listen to it in MIDI, etc., like the other songs.

2003.01.05 - Posted "Shalom Rav", as promised.

2002.12.25 - I've reconfigured my web server to send the Encore files with a more appropriate MIME type, which will prevent them from being corrupted during download in certain browsers.

2002.10.29 - After a four year hiatus, I've finally brought this page back online. Apparently, people are still interested!

The Arrangements

"America the Beautiful"
SATB ensemble
Encore (18kb), MIDI (2kb), PDF (45kb)

"Another Night Alone" (originally "Vergamlte Speisen")
music by Die Prinzen, new English lyrics by Shere Khan
SATB with baritone soloist and tenor scat break
Encore (59kb), MIDI (11kb), PDF (172kb)

"Both Sides Now"
by Joni Mitchell, based on the arrangement by Judy Collins
SATB with two soprano soloists
Encore (59kb), MIDI (16kb), PDF (160kb)

"Bright College Days"
by Tom Lehrer
SATB with many one-liner solos for any voice part
Encore (62kb), MIDI (8kb), PDF (132kb)

by Tom Petty
SATB with baritone soloist, which is doubled with soprano on the refrain
Encore (68kb), MIDI (16kb), PDF (143kb)

"Get a Job"
by the Silhouettes
SATB with an easily shareable solo for any voice part
Encore (48kb), MIDI (10kb), PDF (106kb)

"Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer"
by Randy Brooks
SATB with an easily shareable solo for any voice part
Encore (42kb), MIDI (10kb), PDF (105kb)

a medley of "Helplessly Hoping" and "Find the Cost of Freedom"
by Crosby, Stills, and Nash
SATB ensemble
Encore (78kb), MIDI (9kb), PDF (150kb)

"I Love You, Always Forever"
by Donna Lewis
SATB with a female solo
Encore (51kb), MIDI (11kb), PDF (132kb)

"Lemon Tree"
by Will Holt, based on the arrangement by Peter, Paul, and Mary
SATB with two male solos
Encore (53kb), MIDI (11kb), PDF (136kb)

"Mrs. Robinson"
by Simon and Garfunkel
SATB ensemble
Encore (75kb), MIDI (13kb), PDF (218kb)

"Old Nassau" (the Princeton alma mater)
SATB ensemble
Encore (17kb), MIDI (2kb), PDF (21kb)

"Seven Days"
by Sting
SATB with tenor soloist
Encore (103kb), MIDI (17kb), PDF (347kb)

"Shalom Rav"
music by Kol B'Seder, Hebrew lyrics traditional
SATB ensemble
TIFF (973 kb), Encore (65kb) by Paulo Roberto Domingos, MIDI (7kb), PDF (311kb)

"Some Other Time" (from the musical "On the Town")
by Leonard Bernstein
SATB with one solo for each voice part
Encore (69kb), MIDI (10kb), PDF (190kb)

"Spy Hunter" intro (actually "Theme from Peter Gunn")
by Henry Mancini
SATB ensemble
Encore (20kb), MIDI (2kb), PDF (55kb)

by Die Prinzen, with lyrics in German and Turkish slang
SAB with baritone soloist and two percussion lines
Encore (165kb), MIDI (33kb), PDF (304kb)

"These are Days"
by the 10,000 Maniacs, based on their MTV unplugged arrangement
SATB with soprano soloist
Encore (132kb), performance notes in Microsoft Word (22kb), MIDI (25kb), PDF (252kb)

by Tori Amos
SATB with a female solo
Encore (115kb), MIDI (19kb), PDF (437kb)

How to Use the Files

I wrote most of these arrangements using a music notation program called Encore, which saved its files in a proprietary format. I haven't used it in many years, and now prefer the very powerful free program called MuseScore. If you happen to have Encore or certain versions of its competitor, Finale, you can open those files for editing, transposing, etc. Otherwise you can print the PDFs and play back the MIDI files to get a feel for how they sound.